Amador County Sheriff's Office

CitizenRIMS will allow anyone with an internet connection to view the followinginformation online:

Crime Mapping: This is a common crime pin mapping feature where the user picks a time frame and the types of crimes to be mapped.  Clicking on a mapped case icon shows more information about the case.

Arrests:An arrest log displays arrests by the Amador County Sheriff’s Office for the past 30 days. The log displays basic information, personal data (allowed by statute) and the booking photograph of the arrestee.

Inmates: A “Who’s in Jail” feature gives access to detailed public information about persons currently in custody.  This is also where the public can access recent jail bookings from all law enforcement agencies in Amador County. For additional information about individual inmates, click on the inmate name.

Crime Charts: This function summarizes Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) data in easily understood charts, with year to year comparisons.

Missing Persons: This shows current Amador County Missing Persons with pictures, when available.

Sign Up for Alerts: This feature allows site visitors to subscribe to a free service that emails new crime data to them on a daily or weekly basis.  To sign up for alerts, follow the link at the bottom right of the website page.